From clicking on AConnect to Sochi: Olga's trip through the Autogrill world

"The result of my questionnaire is a fantastically intense professional experience, shared with an international group of very different people".

Satisfaction in travel is a sense of having made the most of the right opportunities. Sometimes you just have to take the proverbial bull by its horns and see if it leads somewhere. This is exactly what happened with Olga Culaxiz: her answer to a questionnaire on Aconnect (the sharing platform reserved for Autogrill employees), the company's feedback, bags packed and then off she was on her way to Sochi.

The aim? To supervise the set-up of the new sales outlets with a view over the Olympics.

The result? "Three weeks of intense, but very enjoyable, work". Olga's words.

From the agreement with Rosneft to Olga's Russian

Early 2014, Autogrill signed an agreement with Rosneft: in view of the imminent Winter Olympics, the Acafè brand was to bring life and warmth to seven new service areas developed along the main traffic routes towards the Russian location.

Time was tight: the Olympics were scheduled from 7th to 23rd February and for everything to go smoothly to plan, the need was for trained people who knew the ins and outs of the Autogrill world and were able to interact promptly and efficiently with those working at the outlets.

A questionnaire was released onto the A-Connect portal to assess employees' language skills. And this is where options, and the ability to make the most of them, came into play: Olga had been working for Autogrill for three years, had a solid background of skills and... spoke Russian (in addition to English, French, Spanish, Italian and Turkish.

Of all those who answered the questionnaire, hers proved to be the perfect profile: Olga was chosen and headed off to Sochi, taking her wealth of knowledge with her.

An international working group under the Olympic torch

Upon arrival, metropolitan Sochi was in a ferment. The tension surrounding the great event was tangible: with the lighting of the Olympic flame now close at hand, there was no time for mistakes; nerves of steel, skills and excellent co-workers were all essential.

And this is exactly what Olga found in the international team she was made a part of, as she said quite clearly: "I feel so lucky for having had the opportunity to work with so many different people, in such an international group".Diversity is a value when the working group has a clear aim, unity of purpose and a good grounding: thanks to these factors, three weeks sufficed to oversee the preparation of the sales outlet and train the workers.

"There are no difficulties, only goals"

The task was certainly not the easiest, but approaching it the right way was the key to its success.

Difficulties?"- Olga explains - "I wouldn't say "difficulties", rather little goals".

Hence the tension experienced when faced with something that is so new, even for the workers in the new sales outlets, was transformed, well aware that the commitment would become the pass to enter a major context like the Autogrill Group, ready to provide complete confidence and total support of their work.

Indeed, the new, the unknown is not scary, it is opportunity: and Olga can tell us all about that.


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