Bomba, the Group’s new concept, opens in Milan

A sweet & savoury street food offering developed in partnership with the star chef Niko Romito

High quality Italian street food

Strolling in Piazza XXV aprile has had a whole new “flavour” since “Bomba” opened its first point of sale there on 13 June 2018. The visual delights of the view across Porta Garibaldi, Teatro Smeraldo and the two towers in the background, Torre Diamante and Torre Breda, have now been joined by delights for the palate.

Whatever the time of day, from breakfast to after dinner, at "Bomba" you can enjoy high quality street food that’s delicious but light at the same time, to eat on the premises or take away. Using a single kind of dough makes it possible to have an extremely versatile product (the “bomba”) that’s suitable for palates that love savoury food but also those who prefer sweet.

It’s an explosion of taste at the very first bite. The secret lies in the bomba’s dough, which is given a long, slow leavening and is made with expertly selected extra-virgin olive oil and other raw materials, ensuring a pleasingly unique culinary experience.

Sweet thoughts, savoury ideas

Of the constant stream of new culinary developments only a very few make their mark and become models or sources of inspiration for the future. Which is the case with "Bomba", an original menu that’s managed to transform tiramisu into a street food, and that’s just one example. Bomba is characterized by high quality ingredients and fanciful combinations, and includes a small selection of wines, beers and hot drinks.
A menu everyone can enjoy, price-wise too, but also a tribute to high cuisine.


Le dolci

Con zucchero
Crema pasticcera al liquore strega
Crema gianduia
Confettura extra di albicocche

Le salate

Prosciutto di Parma stracchino e rucola
Scarola ai pinoli, uvetta, olive e pomodori confit
Mozzarella di Bufala campana, pomodorino semisecco e basilico

Le Gourmet

Spezzatino di manzo e spinacino fresco
Maiale fondente e senape
Pollo fondente, lattughino e maionese

Le dessert

Con gelato alla crema e liquore navan

Gli abbinamenti

Bomba al prosciutto di Parma con stracchino e rucola (oppure misticanza)
Lambrusco di Sorbara Rimosso az. cantine della Volta

Bomba scarola pomodorini e pinoli
Fiano di Avellino Rotole az. di Prisco

Bomba con spezzatino di manzo al pomodoro e spinacini
Chianti Classico Castello di Meleto

Bomba con maiale fondente e senape
Trento Doc ferrari maximum brut

Bomba con pollo maionese e lattughina
Dolcetto Diano d’Alba DOCG Sori Bruni Cantina Casavecchia

Bomba caprese
Friulano cru San Pietro Az. I Clivi

Bombe Dolci (Zucchero, crema,marmellata, cioccolato) & Dessert
Zibibbo SICILIA Maez (az Martinez)

Bombe dolci

Bombe salate



Autogrill and Niko Romito: a star partnership

Italian identity on the international stage

Behind this modern revisiting of the tradition of simple Italian sweet food is an "old acquaintance" of Autogrill, the 3 Michelin star chef Niko Romito, one of the world’s most esteemed and acclaimed cooks.

Self-taught and an innovator, modern but at the same time firmly rooted in the territory, and with that special mix of business sense and gastronomic sensibility, Niko Romito is a guarantee for Autogrill Group, being constantly engaged in projects that are deeply Italian but with international leanings and resonance.

“Bomba”, a truly one-of-a kind concept, has thus joined Autogrill’s portfolio of over 300 brands and if this newly opened “test bench” bears the desired fruit, we will be seeing developments on a far larger scale

Bomba: familiar origins

Family, tradition and experience

The “Bomba” story has its beginnings back in the ‘70s, in the land of Niko’s family, tradition and personal experience. Browsing the album of his recollections, his mind immediately summons up Rivisondoli, a small town in Aquila province with around 700 inhabitants and the pride of Abruzzo’s tourist industry (especially in winter), where his father Antonio ran a pastry shop.

The “bomba” recipe was already highly prized. The young chef understood its potential, and his experimental nature led him to start studying the dough, leavening and frying that eventually produced this contemporary revisiting of a family recipe. The “bombe” evolved, their fillings became savoury too, enriched by the flavours of mozzarella, endive, meat sauce, spinach. Tasting is believing.


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