Bistrot Milano Centrale: cooking territory

A new city market concept that lends strength to the flavours of tradition while respecting the environment.

“The station is the frontier: departure and arrival, a desire to go and a wish to stop, luggage just closed and bags impatient to be opened, somewhere else. What better location for the Bistrot Milano Centrale?”

The producers, the artisans of taste, tell us their stories .

The tiny miracle of passion

“Every year in January, I realise just how complicated the cheese production mechanism is, because each task is linked to the next one. Practical, mental, passionate work that starts, develops, grows and evolves. For me every year is a tiny miracle”.

Maria Chiara Onida

The flavours of home are a miracle because they are the result of details and passion. A painstaking miracle, wrought by hands that know what needs to be done and words that know how to cultivate the necessary skills. A producer of top-quality cheese since 1988 on her Il Boscasso farm, Maria Chiara Onida still finds it amazing.

When you are at the table, home is where – on your plate – you manage to sense the passion and care put into preparation of the food, the genuine taste of history in every flavour.

The happiness cure

“Baking is bringing someone happiness, even if just for the time it takes to eat a slice of cake” .

Valentina Meda

The kitchen is where love letters are written. Valentina Meda, creator of C’era una torta (Once upon a cake), a small, refined artisan cake laboratory, knows only too well and this is what makes her happy. 

Feeling at home means being at ease, because what surrounds you is tailor-made for you; it is a nest prepared with the greatest care.
And so home can even be found in a cake baked “like grandma used to”, when she left the mixture to prove on the worktop under a damp cloth; a promise of happiness.

In search of the sublime

For Dionigi, the road to Paradise is easy to find.
All he needs are two slices of bread, he says, and “his” ham and he’s in world of the sublime. A simple world, with just a few things that are however solid: a table, a chopping board, the taste of sharing pleasure with those who count, the unmistakable flavour of a tradition that comes from afar.

“Our philosophy of work, which has never changed, is to offer ham with the sweetest flavour, tender and clean without any aftertaste.”

These are the words of Agnese, Dionigi and Giulia, the sisters and brother who today uphold the knowledge and artisan processing method of Marco d’Oggiono Prosciutti, the company founded during the first half of the last century by Luigi and Angela, their parents.

Maestro of sweetness

“I love making good cakes that are easy to digest because they are made with healthy ingredients. I have turned my passion into my job.”

Luca Montersino

There are certain occasions when a dessert makes all the difference. On those days, meeting a real pastry chef is a real stroke of luck, because in his hands he holds secrets that can change your mood.

Luca Montersino is one of these: founder of Golosi di salute (Greedy for health), his is an art that unites a pursuit of taste satisfaction with the quality and healthiness of the ingredients.

The windows of home with a view over the platforms

Walking into the Bistrot Milano Centrale is like entering a world populated by artisans of taste who, with their products, all help to ensure that anyone passing through Milano Centrale station today has a corner, between the platforms and the ticket office, where they feel “at home”.

Flavours from past times, the real taste of tradition, the sweetness of nature, the aroma of a territory.

Bistrot Milano Centrale, a successful concept

The result of collaboration between Autogrill and the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) in Pollenzo, this concept offers a new food service in the travel channel through enhancement of local, zero-km products and the recuperation of artisan processing practices.

Designed to be like a modern city market, built using materials and construction technologies that respect the environment, it offers a range of gastronomic products that satisfy different needs (from a baker’s to a coffee bar, from orchard to street kitchens, via a delicatessen and wine/beer bar).
In 2013, this concept was judged the Best Railway F&B Offer at the FAB awards and has since been exported also to the German airports of Fra


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