Autogrill is part of the Global Compact Network Italia

The Group is among the five Italian corporate companies  having recently joined the United Nations project

In March, five new companies with a profile of CSR / Sustainability and  specific objectives related to their business sector have joined the Global Compact Network Italia. Autogrill is among these, thus contributing to the growth of the network in Italy.


For the Group the membership of the Global Compact Network Italia Foundation represents the launch of a progressive engagement towards the United Nations Initiative for sustainability and its Ten Principles regarding Human Rights, Labor, Environment,and  anti-corruption.

"For more than a decade, Autogrill has embarked on a path that aims to create value for the company and for all its stakeholders: from employees to customers, suppliers, landlords, business partners and shareholders. That is why in 2007we launched the Afuture program, which led to the definition of a true sustainability strategy through a roadmap of goals in three different areas: People, Product and Planet. Underlying the success of Afuture there are two factors: the ability to innovate constantly and the ability to build partnerships with the most advanced companies in the industry and the most prestigious institutions at international level, "said Silvio de Girolamo, Group Chief CSR & Internal Audit Officer, 


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Autogrill is part of the Global Compact Network Italia
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