Afuture-Airlite: innovation and creativity for cleaner air

From now on, what for many may seem a simple painted wall for Autogrill will mark another step towards a sustainable future.

When a wall breathes

The basic idea is to paint some outdoor walls of Autogrill motorway locations with a new 100% natural paint that purifies the air by eliminating pollution caused by vehicle traffic.
The project has been launched at the motorway service areas of Stradella Nord (on the A21 Piacenza-Bologna), Somaglia Est  (on the A1 Milano-Bologna) and Crocetta Sud (on the A21 Torino - Piacenza) for the moment, our intention being to continue like this till the end of 2019 and extend the initiative to other Autogrill motorway locations.

The initiative is part of the Group’s sustainability strategy, Afuture, which has been targeting efficiency in terms of energy, water and waste for over ten years now. It was time to concentrate on air and introduce an innovation yielding benefits in terms of environmental impact not only for the building in question but the whole transport infrastructure system.

It’s also part of our constant commitment to elevating the customer experience, by extending it from the products to the ambience, in this case by offering benefits in three particular areas:

Personal wellbeing...

... by having cleaner air to breathe

Personal wellbeing
Benefits for the ecosystem and the community...

... by reducing the environmental impact of the work we do
Benefits for the ecosystem and the community
Improving our impact on the landscape...

... thanks to the project’s considerable artistic and aesthetic value
Improving ou impact on the landscape

"If these walls could talk"

Partnership for excellence: building value together

A major strand in the Group’s DNA is its precious capacity to build long-term synergic relationships that consistently yield successful results. Here too, Autogrill has managed to form a network with three other partners.


At the heart of the project is the raw material that enabled us to realize the idea of purifying the air.
Airlite does not contain VOCs and is different from all the other products on the market because it doesn’t require any electricity or filters to activate its anti-pollution properties: it only uses light to clean the air around us.
To raise public awareness of quality of air issues, Airlite created the Air is Art movement, with which it has indissoluble bonds. By bringing together innovation and art it’s possible to demonstrate – with large scale mural artworks, but not only – that a world with clean and uncontaminated air, as nature created it, is possible.

Benefits: "It’s like deciding to plant a forest at home"

Applying Airlite to a surface area of 100 m2 reduces atmospheric pollution with the same efficiency as 100 m2 of forest trees.

  • It reduces air pollution by up to 88.8%
  • It eliminates 99.9% of bacteria
  • It cuts cooling costs by up to 50%
  • It repels dust and airborne dirt
  • It neutralizes odours
  • It eliminates and prevents mouldRiduce l’inquinamento atmosferico fino all’88,8%

The University of Milan

To test our results, measure the effectiveness of the project and prove its validity we engaged the Università degli Studi di Milano, so our emotional dynamism is now backed up by a more scientific approach.

Street Artist Orticanoodles

Going beyond an admittedly banal white wall, we looked elsewhere and called on an Italian street artist whose vision could reinterpret this theme with an artwork of high aesthetic impact and communicative force. The tree painted on the outside wall of Autogrill’s Stradella location is a pure and uncontaminated element spreading out its long branches in a symbolic opening up to nature.


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