Spizzico: Italy’s leading fast-food chain set to conquer Europe

Major european growth program announced at Venice, during 150th restaurant opening. France and Germany the first objectives. Growth continues in Italy at a rate of 50 new locations per year, with 2,200 new jobs expected in 2000 alone: 10 for every working day of the year.

Friday, March 10, 2000 - 00:00

Milano , 10 March 2000 - France and Germany are the first two targets of the international growth program about to be launched by the Spizzico fast-food pizza chain, the industry’s leading operator in Italy. The expansion program, due to get underway in the second half of the year, was announced during the opening in Venice of the 150th Spizzico outlet by the senior executives of Autogrill, the world’s leading provider of restaurant services for travellers, which owns the Spizzico brand.