"Il Mercato del Duomo” opens to the public on 1 May: Autogrill’s new temple of taste unveiled for citizens and visitors

  • The Group brings to Piazza Duomo the excellences of the territory in a covered market featuring local producers selected in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo (UNISG)
  • Through the architectural design of Michele De Lucchi “Il Mercato del Duomo” revitalizes the cultural and artistic offering of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
Thursday, April 30, 2015 - 12:10

Il Mercato del Duomo”, Autogrill’s new “cathedral” of taste, is being unveiled to the public. From 1May, citizens and visitors will be able to discover the Group’s new flagship developed in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Science (UNISG) in Pollenzo.

”Il Mercato del Duomo” is on four floors covering around 5,000 square metres (of which 3,000 square metres open to the public) and reflecting various stages in the processing of raw materials and a range of eating experiences, from food in its most simple and natural form to products worked and transformed into recipes, some to be enjoyed quickly, others in a slower experience.

This vertically arranged experiential path through ”Il Mercato del Duomo” features concepts like Bar Motta, which offers quality coffee products and croissanterie in an evocative atmosphere blending traditional and modern to perfection; Il Mercato, the novelty in the new store run by Compagnia Alimentare, reproducing a traditional urban market with food counters run by local producers and suppliers selected in collaboration with UNISG, where visitors will find excellences from Lombardia, but not only; Bistrot Milano Duomo, the new generation concept opened at Milan’s Stazione Centrale in 2013, whose ample offering (on two floors) promotes Italian regional products and the revival of artisanal techniques, in line with Autogrill’s new catering approach; Terrazza Aperol, a trendsetting bar and symbol of the traditional Milanese aperitif.

On the top floor, from the second half of May, there will be Spazio, a restaurant-workshop project by Niko Romito Formazione, where young cooks from the Castel di Sangro Training School (L’Aquila) will share with guests the stories, ideas and emotions generated by the invention of new dishes and their preparation. The offering is completed by a Wine Bar offering visitors a selection of Italian food & wine excellences.