Autogrill’s Board approves the figures for 3Q 2005 In the first nine months of the year there was strong growth in revenues and margins, with a 28.2% leap forward in net profits

Results for the first nine months of 2005, which include Aldeasa at 50% as of 1st May 2005

  • consolidated revenues: €2,532.6m, up 8.4% (10% at constant exchange rates) on 2004
  • revenues in North America: $1,522.3m, up 8.6% on 2004
  • Consolidated Ebitda: €373.2m, up 8.8% (10.3% at constant rates) on 2004
  • consolidated net profits: €118.3m, up 28.2% (30.2% at constant rates) on 2004
  • Cash flows of € 284.5m, up 16.5% on 2004. Net financial indebtedness at €937m after acquisitions
Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - 00:00

Milan, 09 November 2005 - Today’s meeting of the board of directors of Autogrill S.p.A. (Milan: AGL IM) approved the report on the 3rd quarter of 20051, drawn up in accordance with international accounting standards (IAS/IFRS). The 3rd quarter was characterized by levels of activity significantly higher than the annual average, with revenues at around 30% and Ebitda at over 35% of the full-year figures. The average €/$ exchange rate in 3rd quarter 2005 (1:1.2198) was more or less in line with the same period in 2004, so changes are only stated at constant rates. The figures for the first nine months of the year, on the other hand, are stated at an average annual €/$ rate of 1:1.1.2625 (down 2.9% on the first nine months of 2004).