Autogrill upgrades Frankfurt Airport’s foodservice offering with Bistrot

Thursday, November 2, 2017 - 12:03

The Autogrill concept developed in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Science (Unisg) in Pollenzo has opened at the most important airport in Germany, the world’s 11th by number of passengers a year.

Deployed in over 20 points of sale in airports, railway stations and motorways, high streets, shopping centres and factory outlets, this modern foodservice concept opened in Frankfurt on 30 October 2017. Its success is due to a combination of tradition and innovation, revival of craft techniques and a focus on sustainability in its meticulous selection of local producers.

In line with the approach adopted in the other Bistrots, this one too will be using high quality products from local suppliers. Meat, for example, will come from “Walz”, a butcher with farms in the Mainz area, while “L’Abbate” dairy in Offenbach will supply dairy products, including a variety cheeses to be used in sandwiches, pizzas and hamburgers. The local cult drink, “Hessischer Apfelwein”, a traditional apple wine, will come from the long established cellars of Possmann in Frankfurt.

The bakers at the new Bistrot will make bread and pizzas with sourdough in an open-style bakery, a mouth-watering sight for the visitors who can watch them at work.

The Bistrot’s privileged central position in the concourse between the airport’s terminals makes it visible and accessible from all sides. Its central island layout makes it recognizable to passengers as an Autogrill Bistrot, while its hallmark post-industrial design is in perfect harmony with the recent restyling of that part of the airport and has produced an extremely pleasing ambience.

The Bistro concept as a whole helps create a unique experience for travellers, being a place where they’ll be happy to take a break during their journey, whether for business or pleasure.