Autogrill takes successful Bistrot concept to Identità Golose

  • The Group is a sponsor of the 12th International Convention on cooking, patisserie and ice cream at Mi.Co, Milan, 6 to 8 March.
  • The Company will be presenting Bistrot, a concept developed in partnership with the University of Gastronomic Sciences (Unisg) in Pollenzo
Monday, February 29, 2016 - 17:30
Autogrill is for the first time one of the partners of Identità Golose, a convention now at its 12th edition, at Mi.CO in Milan from 6 to 8 March. The Group will be going to the event with Bistrot, the last-generation concept developed in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences (Unisg) in Pollenzo and successfully rolled out in five European countries (Italy,The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Finland). During the 3-days Convention, Identità Golose guests will be able to discover and explore the philosophy of this concept, with tastings of specialitiesfrom the countries where Bistrot operates, practical demonstrations and meetings with master bakers.
“ - The Force of Freedom - is the title of the 12th Identità Golose. So we thought it was important to be there,” said Ezio Balarini, Group Chief Marketing Officer, “because Autogrill has shown the strength to change and innovate over the years and render its f&b offering for travellers more varied, healthier and more pleasing. And Bistrot is the result of all this change”.“For our Group, innovation is a fundamentally important lever,” continued Balarini, “and to achieve it we work with renowned partners like Magenta Bureau, which organizes Identità Golose every year”.

Collaboration between Autogrill and Identità Golose goes back to December 2012 and the design and development of the Culinary Council, the international programme of gastronomic innovation under which the Group brings chefs and opinion leaders from the food services industry together, every year, to pool and discuss useful ideas for transforming the foodservice offering.
“For us at Identità Golose, it is a sincere and profound satisfaction to be able to work with a dynamic enterprise like Autogrill,” said Paolo Marchi, originator and curator of Identità Golose. “Haute cuisine, despite its name, should not limit itself to satisfying an elite public with an offering that’s unaffordable to many. The converse is also true as Ferran Adrià, founder of contemporary Spanish cuisine, said: wins stars yes, but also by allowing the customer to spend reasonable sums. And the sharing of information and expertise works both ways: the creativity, ingeniousness and excellence of top, starred chefs that meets an enterprise like Autogrill, which is constantly improving the quality of its offering to satisfy its consumers and give them new culinary experiences”.