Autogrill sailing ahead of the wind: record week for sales in the USA (+11.2%) and Italy (+6.5%)

Wednesday, August 13, 2003 - 00:00

Milan, 13 August 2003 - For those in the know, there are 100 days that are make-it/break-it for annual performance – a total given by the sum of the three summer months and the Easter and Christmas festive seasons. A period that, in outright terms, is short and features its maximum peaks in just a very few key weeks – those of mass “exoduses”.
One of these weeks is undoubtedly the week from August 4th to 10th, when Autogrill achieved results showing record growth over the same week in 2002 and versus the whole of 2003, with an all-time record in terms of outright weekly sales. All this adds up to a further breeze of optimism following the first-half data disclosed on August 6th.