Autogrill projects net revenues of 3.4 billion € for 2002 and EBITDA up to 425 m€

Wednesday, March 27, 2002 - 00:00

Milano , 27 March 2002 - Autogrill Chairman Gilberto Benetton and Chief Executive Officer Livio Buttignol today met financial analysts, investors and the media to illustrate results for 2001 and Group strategy.
“Autogrill not only made a strong and effective response to the unforeseeable events of 2001, it also completed a series of major acquisitions and intensified action to improve its cost structure,” said Chief Executive Livio Buttignol. “The year’s earnings figure reflects higher amortization for acquisitions and extraordinary restructuring charges. Our ability to improve self-financing is the basis on which we intend to continue our growth strategy and turn in a good performance in 2002.”