Autogrill presents its new corporate website

  • Business communication enriched by story-telling
Monday, February 16, 2015 - 11:00

Autogrill addresses its online users with a new look today, an innovative redesign of its corporate website - – reflecting a spirit of “FEELING GOOD ON THE MOVE” and the Group’s excellence in the travel food&beverage sector.

The project brings together some of the most advanced tendencies in international web design and digital communication and puts the user experience firmly in the centre. Story-telling, vertical layout, responsive design, infographics, videos and photo galleries are the main tools used to deliver a more interactive, multimedia navigation experience.

The new editorial style integrates information and narrative content in two navigation courses indicated on the Home Page and the Front Pages of 1st level menu items. In addition to the corporate sections such as Governance, Sustainability, Investors, Media and People, there are two new areas – Who we are and Our Way – that describe the Group and its unique expertise.

The site also has an online magazine, "A SMALL WORLD", that uses the narrative technique of storytelling to illustrate the new innovation path undertaken and the new approach to providing food&beverage in travel channels. Such stories are organized under headings – Hearts in motion, Here to stay, Destination future, Straight to the point, and A glocal soul – that reflect the Group’s values.

The project was developed in collaboration with the agency Message. The new embodies a “mobile first” approach, having a vertical scroll layout and a completely responsive interface suitable for all mobile devices.