Autogrill: lists of candidates for appointment to the Board of Directors and proposals for resolutions on item 3 on the agenda filed

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 - 19:59

Milan, 29 March 2023 – With reference to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting called for 19 April 2023 (single call) to vote on - among other matters - the appointment of the new Board of Directors, Autogrill (Milan: AGL IM) announces that the following two lists of candidates for the office of director were filed within the applicable statutory deadline:

  • list no. 1, submitted by Dufry AG, owning a total of 50.3% in Autogrill’s share capital (193,730,675 shares);
  • list no. 2, submitted by a group of asset management companies and institutional investors, holding a total of 1.87271% in Autogrill’s share capital (7,210,550 shares).

The shareholder Dufry AG, pursuant to Article 126-bis of Legislative Decree No. 58 of 24 February 1998, filed proposals for resolutions on the third item (“Appointment of the Board of Directors pursuant to article 10 of the By-laws”) on the agenda of the Annual Shareholders' Meeting (in detail, “3.1 Determination of the number of Directors; related and consequential resolutions”; “3.2 Determination of the term of office of the Board of Directors; related and consequential resolutions.”; “3.4 Determination of the remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors; related and consequential resolutions”).These proposals are set out in a report, prepared by the majority shareholder.

The report and the above lists with the relevant supporting documentation, were made available to the public today on Autogrill S.p.A.’s website (, Governance section – Shareholders’ meeting), on the central storage mechanism named 1Info (, and at the Company’s registered office and secondary headquarters.