Autogrill launches a young people’s training project called “School & Work”

  • The initiative will involve around 100 students from 11 schools in Milan and Rome. 
  • The Group is one of the first in its industry to launch a summer programme preparing young people for the labour market within the framework of legislation favouring alternation between school and work.
Thursday, June 23, 2016 - 12:15

Autogrill (Milano: AGL IM) has decided to support the professional training of students from secondary schools in Italy and launch a summer programme lasting around six weeks, from the end of June, for around a hundred students from the 3rd and 4th years of secondary schools in Milan and Rome. The Group is one of the first in its sector to undertake this activity, provided for by decree law 107/2015.

The Company intends to introduce the students to the labour market by means of highly practical training and thus contribute to enacting the provisions of the new law. so-called “Good School”.

“One of the central themes in our time is the relationship between young people and work. With this initiative, the first by an operator in the travel f&b industry, we intend to help students make a start towards a real professional career,” said Autogrill Head of Human Resources and Organization Marilena Ferri. “We’re convinced it will be a highly instructive experience, especially as an introduction to the world of employment, which is so very different from day-to-day life at school,” concluded Ferri.

In addition to providing training opportunities, Autogrill will be making donations to the schools involved, thus stepping up its commitment to state-run schools and training for the new generations.

The programme will run indicatively till 29 July and include an interim assessment after the 3rd week to evaluate the efficacy of the training developed up to that point.