Headquarter careers

Are you a professional seeking to embark on a career in which to exploit your competences to the most and always keep in step with market and business changes?


Within our Headquarters there are placement opportunities for professionals and recent graduates in various corporate functions and in different geographical areas in the world. Preparation, flexibility, interpersonal understanding, proactivity, international mindset, passion, openness and ability to fit with the organization are all key features to build a team capable of contributing to the growth of the Group.

Discover the area of your interest:

FinanceGroup Finance, Administration & Control Department


You will become part of a team that actively contributes to the definition of the company's business strategy.

Within the department we are fully involved in all crucial aspects for growth and development of the Group:

from strategic scenarios to multi-year financial plans. We also work in the field of civil and fiscal policy, ensuring adequate flow of information on operations, both to internal and external stakeholders. But not only that: we manage planning, economic evaluation and control of the investment portfolio, with the aim of optimizing its profitability. Our team also includes all functions related to control and investor relations activities.

HRGroup Human Resources & Organization Department

You will become part of a team that actively contributes to the implementation of corporate strategy, ensuring the coherence of organizational models and processes, the positioning of Autogrill as employer of choice in the labor market, the selection of the resources that best meet the organizational needs and the management of people and their talents, through the definition of systems development and compensation.

We are responsible also for personnel administration, relations with trade unions and professional associations and internal communication.

We ensure consistency of development plans’ strategy and the organizational model of the Shared Service Unit ICT Europe with respect to the strategies and priorities of the Group.


MarketingGroup Marketing Department

The goal of our department is to help create a competitive advantage by focusing on consumer experience and the needs of landlords. The levers through which we operate? Our portfolio of brands and concept, brand identity, the reputation and recognition of the Group and Customer Satisfaction. With us you will get to know the whole chain of marketing, from strategy to specific initiatives. Within our area of responsibility also fall the management of international relations of Branding & Licensing and Business partnerships.


EngineeringGroup Engineering & Procurement Department

Our department is concerned with ensuring the definition of solutions and innovative and sustainable technologies, which contribute to the maximization of return on investment, the satisfaction of our customers and the excellence of the processes of the store.

We develop global "concept" platforms, managing investments end-to-end, from the technical design phase till the delivery of the store to the country.

Our team also defines the purchasing strategy, manages the processes of selecting suppliers, including those of strategic interest, negotiates agreements, and manages purchases, monitoring performance.

Corporate CommGroup Corporate Communication Department

Our team coordinates all activities of communication and media relations. It is our task to better communicate the values, identity and success of Autogrill, to the institutional and financial audience, ensuring maximum consistency between business goals and those of the Group's reputation.

With us you will contribute to the development of corporate image among its stakeholders through media relations, digital PR and with the organization of institutional events.


PAPublic Affairs Department

Our team aims to build institutional relationships to enhance the reputation, esteem and image of the Group and its management. We work closely with all our stakeholders and industry associations.


LegalGroup Legal, Corporate Affairs & Entreprise Risk Management Department

Our goal is to develop the legal strategy and guidelines on legal issues and ensure the protection of corporate rights with third parties, promoting the implementation of all legal activities necessary to safeguard the interests of the Group, including formulation of contractual standards and support to business functions in the understanding and application of the existing regulatory framework relevant.

We take care of the obligations relating to corporate affairs, Italian and international, we coordinate the competent foreign units and manage relationships with the corporate bodies, with Consob and the Italian Stock Exchange.

Within our area of expertise falls ensuring the application of company procedures and requirements of Group Corporate Governance. We are involved in Corporate secretary activities for the Board of Directors of Autogrill SpA and Italian subsidiaries.

We assure the definition and implementation of the system of risk management (ERM) of the Group, developing systems, policies and procedures for the identification, analysis and measurement of risk, ensuring the declination of Business Units.


IAGroup Internal Audit

As internal audit team, we review the adequacy of the internal control system and risk management, its operations and its effectiveness for the entire Group and providing an objective evaluation to the Corporate Bodies and top management.

Our main activity is the analysis of the business processes in order to understand in depth the dynamics and the relative risks, with the purpose to verify the existence of adequate controls.
Among many responsibilities there is also the supporting activity to the Supervisory Body and the Managing Director in relation to the periodic analysis activities and risk evaluation. We cooperate on an ongoing basis with other departments like Enterprise Risk Management, L.262 Compliance Function and Group Legal and Corporate Affairs.  


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