A - People

We want to take care of our employees so that they can provide valuable services to customers and to the local community.

We are a company of people who create products and services for people: the centrality of the person, passion and communication are the hallmark of all our initiatives.


Paying care and attention to our employees is a distinctive element in our approach to people. 
We are therefore constantly engaged in developing initiatives and services for them, to reconcile business efficiency with the needs and specific characteristics of each of them.

Ascoltare per migliorareDialogue with human resources

To maintain open and ongoing dialogue we have a platform – “open line” – that provides a further 2-way communication channel between the Company and all its collaborators, making it possible to directly signal any behaviour not in line with the Ethical Code, as well as any particularly virtuous conduct in the workplace. Confidentiality of information and people’s privacy are safeguarded.

Over the year, the Group gave its employees opportunities for online discussion and sharing to keep interpersonal relations alive in the face of the new situation and the worrying uncertainty as to how it will develop.

Lo sviluppo delle personeTraining


At Autogrill, we believe that making our human resources the drivers of their own professional growth is a success factor, and that’s why we support development plans that put people at the centre through direct, proactive and resourceful involvement.

Our training programmes include the more classic theoretical sessions, with workshops, meetings and lectures, and the increasing popular training courses on online, social and interactive platforms.

Leadership development programmes are also very widespread, though specific “on the job” training courses are available as well to support the stores’ staff in their daily work.

At Autogrill, we believe that making our human resources the drivers of their own professional growth is a success factor, and that’s why we support development plans that put people at the centre through direct, proactive and resourceful involvement.

Our training programmes include the more classic theoretical sessions, with workshops, meetings and lectures, and the increasingly popular training courses on online, social and interactive platforms.

Leadership development programmes are also very widespread, though specific “on the job” training courses are available as well to support the stores’ staff in their daily work.

In 2020, training activities had to be reorganized in response to the Covid-19 pandemic emergency: most of the activities focussed on management of the various aspects of the pandemic and were in e-learning mode, thus accelerating our transition to digital training and the use of online training platforms - Learning Management System (LMS) - or webinars to reach employees in both offices and points of sale.

Alongside pandemic management training, the Group provided training on various other themes, including emotion and stress management, leadership, foreign languages and digital skills but also writing, personal development and management of smart working, thus ensuring all-round coverage of people’s development needs. In Italy for example, department heads were able to do a personal development course on managing relationships with people and their teams.


Academy is a European training programme specially designed to develop the staff’s skills by providing specific training plans based on their level of professional expertise. It is used to provide technical, behavioural and managerial training, ease the business through change management processes and develop "business partner" employees who act in constant synergy with the company's operational and organizational needs.

School of excellence

In 2019, Autogrill Italy started developing a new training programme for store managers. Called the Scuola di Eccellenza, it lasts for 25 weeks, 10 of them in the classroom and the rest on the job. Topics range from hands-on store concept training to customer-centric managerial and administrative skills. The managerial courses address people management, leadership, and team working, and are taught internally via coaching or in partnership with outside trainers. There are also team building activities to strengthen the soft skills of trainee store managers. At the end of the programme, future store managers are challenged to develop a commercial project for their store, making them genuine managers of the future.

In 2020, the programme went online to guarantee that courses could continue in total safety.

North America

In North America, a workshop entitled “Unlocking Engagement” was organized to complete the training offering alongside other specific programmes for developing leadership skills. The workshop is designed to teach managers how to create a favourable working environment.


The most widespread training plans include induction, coaching, performance assessment and job-specific technical courses.

On-the-job training, like the new "Salt Academy" in the Netherlands, not only improve individuals' skills and qualifications but help attract the very best talent. New hires go through induction and onboarding programs, in the form of group or individual orientation days and online courses, designed to foster a sense of inclusion and team spirit. 

valutazione_competenze-logo.png Performance assessment

With a view to fostering professional growth, Autogrill uses a performance appraisal system that measures the skills applied in pursuit of assigned objectives, assessing the technical capacities specific to the role as well as managerial skills.

Autogrill has developed a number of talent mapping processes to provide full assessment of people’s potential and their training needs and thus be able to tailor career plans for its best performers.

Given the sudden increase in remote working due to the pandemic emergency in 2020, the Group defined new procedures for supervising and managing activities, the aim being to foster virtuous managerial behaviour also when guiding teams remotely and to define personal growth plans and innovative learning solutions.


In 2019 Autogrill Italy started to map store talent in a process involving area managers and the best store managers operating throughout the country. Starting from performance appraisal results for 2018, the project aims to achieve, by 2020, a thorough map of training needs and potential and to define a career plan for each of these high-performing store employees. The goal is to create tailor-made development plans for best performers that can be implemented during the course of 2020.

North America

In North America, the process of revising and improving the performance management system included a new slogan in 2019: "Helping Others Succeed Throughout the Year."


In the International area, the "Be Competent" program is being updated to render it more effective and in line with internal needs.

Employee engagementEmployee engagement and talent research

The Group's HR units work constantly to create a working environment that attracts and develops talented people, through team-building initiatives and employer branding activities at the global and local level. Over the last few years, the Group has been gradually developing talent attraction strategies that give it greater visibility in its various markets, thanks to effective online communication and a number of employer branding campaigns on job boards, social networks, and the major job search sites. Over the years, the Group has shifted its talent attraction strategy towards solutions employing online recruitment systems that make employment offers more visible and accessible to the new generations. This has involved simplifying the online application process while also making it possible to add video interviews to the standard résumé. 

In a year made particularly difficult by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Group stepped up efforts to continuously listen to its employees and set up a 2-way communication structure to maintain a high level of engagement and rapidly identify any urgent needs. So there were numerous initiatives over the year to foster employee engagement, including:

  • regular online meetings held by the management (also involving Business Unit CEOs) to provide updates on the Group’s activities, talk directly with employees about their doubts and answer their questions;
  • involvement of employees in webinars;
  • newsletters;
  • promotion of internal online platforms for sharing opinions and asking questions;
  • provision of specific training for management staff on the need to listen to employees and maintain a high level of engagement.

Diversity managementDiversity and equal opportunities

As laid down in our Ethical Code and por Sustainability Policy, respect for diversity and equal opportunities, along with the prevention of any form of discrimination, are principles we are committed to enforcing at any stage of employment.


In Europe, several initiatives have been developed to promote a culture of respect and tolerance. This commitment is also recognized externally: in Italy Autogrill has had SA8000 certification since 2009.

For instance, in Italy, for years we have been involved in “Valore D”, the first Italian association of large companies created to support women’s leadership in business. “Valore D” promotes an innovative corporate organisation that provides women managers with tools and skills that support them in their professional growth and offers a new cultural model whereby women are fully involved in the economic and social life of the country.

In Spain, for example, the Management Committee is tasked with enforcing the Equality Plan signed in 2009, which calls for equal treatment of women and men, a healthy work-life balance, and zero discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation.

North AmericaHMSHost wins the 2020 Associate Inclusion Champion award

In North America, HMSHost received the 2020 Associate Inclusion Champion award from the Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA), an employer association representing commercial airports in the United States and Canada. Every year, the ACI-NA awards a company for its leadership and results in the promotion of inclusion and diversity in its business and workforce, its awareness raising and advocacy initiatives and its mentoring programmes for the development of professional skills in the aviation industry. In particular, the award is a tribute to the 120 partners certified by Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) and supported by HMSHost as part of its commitment to cultivating strong commercial relationships with businesses belonging to representatives of minorities and businesswomen


The International area is also working at the development of a Handbook that will be handed out to all the countries in which it works, to spread good practices and consistent behavioural standards inspired by the international best practices.

manina_atg.png  Respect for human rights

In applying both the principles set forth in its Ethical Code and the highest international standards in all circumstances, Autogrill commits to spreading a responsible business culture in all its operations and all along the chain of value, developing relationships of mutual trust and satisfaction in both its commercial relations and those with employees and complying with all current local, national and supranational legislation safeguarding human rights

 icona-salute-e-sicurezza.pngOccupational health and safety

The health and safety of its workers is a fundamental standard on which Autogrill places maximum emphasis by means of preventive measures, technological progress, training, and day-to-day monitoring. In all of the main countries served, health and safety committees have been set up and include various professional figures (depending on local policies), from executives to workers' representatives, who monitor compliance with applicable laws. The committees review findings on health and safety issues and identify the best solutions to minimize the risk of accidents to a minimum. To make sure these efforts are effective and share insights and initiatives on health and safety, a system is in place to monitor the number and type of accidents in the main countries served by the Group.

In Italy, Autogrill was one of the first airport operators worldwide to obtain ISO 45001 certification and introduce policies and manuals on accident and illness prevention and virtuous behaviour in line with the Group's standards and values. 

In North America, individual locations have their own Safety Teams made up of managers and front-line personnel who conduct audits to map the most frequent causes of accidents. There is also an app called Mobile Data Safety Tool that automates monthly self-assessments on in-store safety issues. This tool makes it possible to take corrective measures during the audit procedure itself, which reduces the frequency of accidents and promotes a safer workplace. 

To safeguard employees’ health and safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Group took all the measures required by law as well as additional ones for extra assurance. The Group’s three Business Units drew up guidelines for implementing protocols and complying with health and safety standards specific to management of the pandemic. Further, travel was reduced to a minimum in line with current restrictions in Italy and smart working was immediately introduced for people working in offices. To verify proper implementation by the Group of all the health and safety procedures and measures to reduce the spread of contagion in the workplace, a number of points of sale were audited by either external organizations (such as local and/or government authorities, police, healthcare institutions, landlords and franchising partners) or internal ones (eg. management or H&S staff).




We firmly believe in respecting and promoting the local cultures while protecting their environmental and cultural heritage. Direct and indirect donations are invested in long-term partnerships with associations and foundations working in healthcare, medical research, child support and in the fight against hunger and poverty.

Autogrill is increasingly involved in developing projects consistent with its own business, such as the donation of food and meals to non-profits serving the needy. 

As a result of the pandemic and the temporary closure of certain points of sale in 2020, the Group had to manage increased amounts of surplus food. In line with current public health regulations, in certain cases rendered more stringent during the emergency, the Group took various initiatives to prevent such surplus becoming food waste, including donation of surplus food or food nearing its best-before date to local voluntary associations.


In Italy, excess provisions are donated to a local food bank (Banco Alimentare). In some European countries, Autogrill has partnered with the app "Too Good to Go" that helps ensure food does not go to waste.

Autogrill and LIFC team up to raise awareness of cystic fibrosis

In Italy, Autogrill joined forces with Lega Italiana Fibrosi Cistica (LIFC – Italian Cystic Fibrosis League, an association representing sufferers of this serious genetic disease) to support a national awareness and fund raising campaign launched in September 2020 in Autogrill points of sale. The initiative provides for sales of the LIFC mascot “Martino” (a kingfisher), a symbol of force and tenacity like cystic fibrosis patients, produced on an exclusive basis by Trudi. Proceeds will go to families affected by this disease. Given its capillary network in Italy, Autogrill decided to make a concrete contribution by raising travellers’ awareness of a disease that still attacks many children and seriously impacts on their lives and those of their families.
A street art project in Italy for a message of hope in the post-pandemic restart

Under the “Thanks to our heroes" street art project, Autogrill displayed 10 murals by artist Alessio-B in points of sale on its Italian motorway network (especially in the north east, particularly hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic) to deliver a message of hope in the restart phase to travellers on Italian motorways in the summer. Selected from the artist’s most representative works, these murals were produced using special paints (Airlite technology) that are activated by light to remove pollutants from the air.

North America

In North America, the HMSHost Foundation has the mission to fight poverty in local communities. Through multiple solutions developed in partnership with local agencies and organisations, the new Foundation:

  • Fights hunger and promotes a healthy diet through specific programmes;
  • Promotes economic stability through training plans and by supporting employment;
  • Promotes the development of the new generations through education and training;
  • Honours veterans and their families through programmes that try to accommodate their needs in terms of food, housing, healthcare, training and employment.

In North America, the Company has been working for years with Food Donation Connection, acting as a bridge between restaurants and food service providers that are willing to donate surplus food and the local social services that distribute food to people in need.

The programme is run in the airports in the USA and Canada.


One of the main initiative is Made Blue, a programme designed to make up for the freshwater used in the business with projects providing access to water in the developing countries.

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