Dividend policy

ico_01.png     A good return on shareholders’ investment

Aiming at a dividend payout ratio from 40% to 50% of Autogrill Group net income 

ico_02.png     Profitable growth

Balance between dividend and investments 

ico_03.png     Steadiness

DPS at least equivalent to previous year


Visible and sustainable shareholder remuneration 

The Shareholder Remuneration Policy of Autogrill S.p.A. contemplates a yearly dividend, paid entirely in cash and increasing annually, to be determined according to the consolidated net profits of each financial year.
The Company confirms its commitment to the attractive and sustainable remuneration of its Shareholders in the medium/long-term. Based on the economic and financial outlook and on its sound capital structure, the Company is targeting each year a dividend payment at least in line with that of the previous year, in absolute terms, and with a payout ratio in a range of 40% to 50% of consolidated net profits.
The proposed dividend distribution, submitted every year for approval by Autogrill S.p.A.’s Board of Directors to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, and more broadly the actual distribution of the annual dividend in the years to come, will remain subject to, among other things, the Group’s operating and financial results, market conditions and the requirements of financial flexibility associated with pursuing its corporate purposes and implementing its planned investments and any potential extraordinary deals.
As a consequence thereof, despite the approval of the dividend policy outlined above, it cannot be taken for granted that dividends will be distributed yearly, nor is it possible to predetermine the exact amount that will be actually paid out. 

Storia del dividendoHistorical figures

SharesUnitary dividend approved by the Shareholders' MeetingDetachment DateDate of PaymentMeeting DatePay outMeeting Minutes
Ordinary € 0.19 18/06/2018 20/06/2018 24/05/2018 50% PDF
Ordinary € 0,16 19/06/2017 21/06/2017 25/05/2017 41% PDF
Ordinary € 0.12   06/06/2016  08/06/2016 26/05/2016 47% PDF
Ordinary € 0.28 21/05/2012 24/05/2012 19/04/2012 56% PDF
Ordinary € 0.24 23/05/2011 26/05/2011 21/04/2011 59% PDF
Ordinary € 0.30 21/07/2008 24/07/2008 23/04/2008 48% PDF
Ordinary € 0.40 21/05/2007 24/05/2007 24/04/2007 67% PDF
Ordinary € 0.24 23/05/2006 25/05/2006 27/04/2006 46% PDF
Ordinary € 0.20 23/05/2005 26/05/2005 27/04/2005 95% PDF
Ordinary € 0.04  21/05/2001 24/05/2001 30/04/2001 53%  
Ordinary € 0.04  22/05/2000 25/05/2000 02/05/2000 26%  
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