IR Policy

Autogrill Group aims at promoting open and constructive dialog with the financial community and at ensuring accurate, transparent and timely information based on the best national and international practices and in compliance with current legislation.

Autogrill Group's investor relations policy is based on the following three core principles:

  • accuracy of the information
  • equal access to company information for all investors or potential investors
  • continuous and steady information flow

The Investor Relations Department is responsible for taking care of relations with the national and international financial community. Autogrill Group holds frequent analyst and investor meetings: several times a year the Group holds conference calls and site visits and it takes part in numerous conferences and road shows in the major financial centers.

Autogrill Group’s website is constantly updated with all information involving the Group, as well as the most significant corporate documentation in Italian and English.

Latest update: Monday, February 20, 2023 - 12:59