Remuneration Policy and Incentive Plans

Remuneration policies in Autogrill reflect its wish to attract and acknowledge the best talents, promoting a performance culture consistent with company values.


The Group's remuneration policy is approved by the Board of Directors and is one of the main management tools established by the parent company's corporate functions during their direction and coordination activities.
Its main principles are targeted at:

  • supporting the Autogrill business strategy;
  • promoting a performance culture;
  • being consistent with company values.


Remuneration policies and programs adopted by the Autogrill Group for its executive Directors and managers with strategic responsibilities (the “executives”) are designed to:

  • respect the indications of clear and transparent governance;
  • be compliant with the regulatory framework in force;
  • permit Group and Companies to be competitive on the executive market at a global remuneration level;
  • remunerate top performance levels motivating executives to increase profitability and value for shareholders;
  • ensure internal equity and correctness, acknowledging the contribution to company results made by everyone;
  • promote motivation and the growth of individual competences, generating important differences in treatment based on performance.

Sistema AutogrillThe Autogrill system

The remuneration system adopted by Autogrill is characterized mainly by two elements:

remunerates executives based on role, competences, managerial skills and performance over time.
are performance-linked and decided based on target indicators reflecting fundamental Group business priorities. This salary element can also be paid as equity or through equity-based instruments.

For a comprehensive list of all components that determine the Group remuneration system, please refer to the Remuneration Report.

Remuneration Report

Please consult the most updated version of the Remuneration Report for more information on remuneration.

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