Caffé Kimbo, Espresso da Napoli

Familiarity, conviviality and tradition in environment which celebrating culture and specialties of Neapolitan coffee

Developed by Autogrill in partnership with Kimbo is an innovative  concept created for  airport travelers. The  counter combines the practicality of the international coffee shop with the style of the classic Italian bar conceived for a coffee on-the-go.

The main focus of the concept is the Cuccuma, the famous old Neapolitan coffee pot,  for relishing a traditional Neapolitan coffee with the classic cremina.

The offering has been enriched with a selection of Neapolitan pâtisserie specialtiess - sfogliatelle, babbà, capresine, sciù - and the famous fries served in a ”Cuoppo”, the paper cone typical of street food made in the alleys of the ancient city.