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We want to safeguard the environment by involving our suppliers and with the contribution of our employees and customers.

The question of the environment has become a global challenge which in future years will involve the whole planet’s population. The commitment to safeguard the environment concerns everyone, as well as business and institutions. What for us can really make the difference is the contribution which each person can give, by changing their habits with simple everyday gestures.


Reducing consumption is for us the first step to take in order to respect the environment. To do so we must actively involve people by transforming their habits and acting on their sense of the common good.

We promote programs to raise the awareness of and involve our employees in environmental issues through:

  • “Startsomewhere” a program introduced by HMSHost which incorporates all the environmental sustainability initiatives and enables effective communication to employees of the importance of their contribution. In North America HMSHost organizes campaigns to raise awareness on the occasion of Earth Day. On this day, the “The Adventure Starts Here” program was launched, dedicated to reusable shopping bags. In line with this initiative, all the stores were asked to switch off all unnecessary lights for one hour, in addition to other local initiatives organized in collaboration with the landlords.
  • The survey on environmental issues, involving all retail locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, continues over the years. The structure of the questionnaire aims at understanding the management of energy, water, waste collection and monitoring other initiatives such as the use of LED light bulbs, installing motion sensors for the lights, the introduction of training for staff on water saving and the use of recycled paper in offices.
  • Choice of suppliers: attention is paid not only to ethical but also to environmental aspects during the selection stages. Choosing partners who can support our environmental commitment also means talking with category associations and organizations of various types which can become significant mediators and facilitate the process of technological and cultural innovation.
  • In 2016, HMSHost International adhered to the Bord Bia’s Origin Green Sustainability Programme, the sustainability program promoted by the Irish government. The plan developed by the Company aims at defining a series of activities and objectives to be reached in the coming 4 years in the following areas: Sustainable Sourcing, Operations (environmental impact), Health & Nutrition and Social Sustainability.




Also in waste management our commitment is aimed at sustainability through projects developed in each country in order to make the best possible use of the opportunities offered by local administrations, landlords and commercial partners.

  • In the United States we are working to reduce the production of waste (above all the amount of undifferentiated waste) by implementing collection and recycling systems behind points of sale.
  • HMSHost also supports the Foodbuy’s Imperfect Delicious Produce (IDP) program to promote the use of aesthetically imperfect produce, but still edible from a nutritional perspective, thus contributing to the fight against food waste while offering a benefit to local consumers, farmers and the environment.
  • In France, a treatment and disposal plant to treat organic waste directly on site was installed for the first time in the Béziers Mont Blanc service station on the A9 highway, furthermore inside 20 points of sale, customers are actively involved in separating and collecting PET bottles and aluminum cans. In addition, we have eliminated the plastic parts of the packaging used for “take away” products.
  • In March 2016, Autogrill Iberia launched a project in collaboration witH Fundación SEUR for the collection and recycling of plastic caps in a number of stores. The project also served the purpose of supporting the activities carried out by the Foundation, which assists children afflicted by severe diseases.
  • In Italy we collaborate with the main operators who specialize in the collection of waste in order to manage the waste collection service in locations on motorways.  WWF
    In 2013 we launched a project which involves the motorway service areas of Villoresi Est, Brianza Nord and Brianza Sud, all located near Milan, for the recycling of organic waste in order to support an allotment inside the WWF Oasis, Bosco di Vanzago. In 2016 approximately 210 tons of organic waste were sent to the composting center for a total of nearly 63 tons of compost.
  • In 2015, the International operating sector launched a project in collaboration with Coca-Cola for the recovery of the PET bottles to be used as raw material for the production of chairs and T-shirts (80% recycled PET and 20% cotton) used by store operators. The project was initially tested at the Dutch airport and will be extended also to other airports in Northern Europe. Each T-shirt is made of 10 50ml PET Coca-Cola bottles.


We promise to ensure that high energy consumption never means waste. In order to do this, we install latest generation instruments and systems in the points of sale, we control energy performance and we take corrective action.

  • In Italy, the Villoresi Est store features a “Thermal battery” geothermal plant providing an output exceeding
  • 380 thermal kw and covering 85% of requirements.
  • in Italy, the project of replacing thermal plants in favor of systems using heat pumps (in the service areas of Sebino, Cantagallo, Chianti, Stura est and Montepulciano), with higher performance coefficients compared to traditional ones, resulted in approximately 95 TEP saved (tons equivalent petrolium) in 2016.
  • In France, energy consumption in the stores is constantly monitored through the drafting of a report provided by the energy service provider. Solutions for roof insulation were implemented in 3 stores (Sorgues, Chien Blanc, Lorlanges), resulting in energy savings.Inside the Los Angeles International Airport, HMSHost implemented Energy Star certified equipment (refrigerators, grill hot plates, etc.). The innovation of the Energy Management System inside the new International Terminal F in Atlanta was also of interest. This refers to an innovative, energy efficient ventilation system used in kitchens.
  • HMSHost International participates in the “ES202”sustainabilityprogram” promoted by the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AAS)



In recent years we committed to reduce water consumption. Alongside the work to optimize water consumption undertaken on the network, we have installed dual flow taps and air/water mixing valves, as well as photo-cells to optimize the supply of water. These activities are supported by monitoring systems to limit any losses.

  • In Italy stores water supply needs are met through uptake from the public waterworks: water is used for the management of toilets, kitchen activities and the fire-fighting systems. In the areas located far from the public supply network, water is supplied through wells and/or from rivers, while water drainage management complies with the local and national regulations in the matter. Water uptake from wells is regulated by specific authorizations released by the competent Public Administrations, allowing for the use of groundwater for specific purposes, to replace consumption of water from the public waterworks. With reference to the use of water in the toilets, water is not taken from the public waterworks. In 2016, approximately 400,000 cubic meters of water were drawn from 22 regularly authorized wells located in Autogrill stations on the Italian highway network, with an equivalent amount of waterworks water saved.
  • At the Amsterdam Schiphol airport, the installation of AquaFox taps resulted in a reduction of water consumption and soap by 70%.
  • HMSHost International supports the Made Blue project, a fund raising program based on the Company’s water footprint with the objective of funding projects designed to ensure people’s access to water in developing countries. The consumption of fresh water used by the company to conduct its activities will be compensated by the development of initiatives that will bring the same quantity of water in the world, for a total of approximately 175,000 cubic meters



The possibility of obtaining important environmental certifications is a natural consequence of Autogrill’s unfailing focus on the environment. In particular, the LEED® New Constructions for RETAIL certification is the one upon which the Group mostly concentrated in recent years.

leed certified

The main environmental certifications:

LEED® Gold Italy – Autogrill SpA: Villoresi Est
LEED® Gold Canada – HMSHost: 4 service stations on the highway
LEED® Silver Canada – HMSHost: 11 service stations on the highway
LEED® Gold USA – HMShost: head offices in Bethesda
LEED® Silver USA HMSHost: Delaware House Travel Plaza
ISO 50001 on Energy Management Systems Italia – Autogrill S.p.A.: Villoresi Est
ISO14001: 2015 Italy – Autogrill SpA: headquarters, Villoresi Est, Brianza Sud and the stores within the premises of the Turin Caselle airport; Nuova Sidap
EMAS Italy – Autogrill SpA: headquarters, Villoresi Est, Brianza Sud
HQE (High Quality Environment) France – Autogrill Côté France : Canave, Ambrussum
BBC (Low Consumption Building) France – Autogrill Côté France : Ambrussum
ISO14001 Spain – Autogrill Iberia: Ciao at Telefonica (Madrid)
California Green Building Code - level I and the California Energy Standard - title 24 USA – HMSHost: stores at the Los Angeles International
Energy Star USA – HMShost: head offices in Bethesda


For us innovation means seeking to improve processes and energy efficiency in buildings, using more natural and environmentally friendly materials inside locations, and building locations that are increasingly accessible and can be used by everyone.

  • Villoresi Est is an example of best international practice in sustainable innovation, since it adopts at the level of a point of sale a collection of virtuous solutions which can be replicated in other locations in our global network. It has a "thermal pile" geothermal plant with a system of 420 geothermal probes penetrate the ground to a depth 25 m and develop around 380kw of thermal power, covering 85% of the energy requirement in winter;
  • In the United States the Delaware Welcome Center is the flagship of HMSHost. With its structure of around 4,000 sq.m., it has been designed in accordance with the “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” (LEED) principles, reusing 75% of the material from the demolition of the previous building. The store optimizes the use of natural sunlight, significantly cutting energy consumption. Moreover, in order to better insulate the building, the roof was constructed with highly reflective material and the walls with insulating materials to avoid heat dispersion in winter. With regard to air ventilation, a geothermal plant was installed with 60 geothermal wells feeding 37 pumps distributed throughout the building.


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