Commitments and results

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In 2011 the Sustainability Roadmap was launched with the task of identifying the sustainability goals for 2012-2015.

For each area, People, Product and Planet, key concepts were identified which define the scope of application and the objectives of the Policy.



“EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT” SURVEY We continuously assess and monitor employee engagement through the administration of the annual Do you Feel good? employee engagement survey, with the objective of developing action plans aimed at ongoing improvement.
ASSESSMENT AND DEVELOPMENT We assess competencies and skills of our human capital through an automated common platform that ensures transparency and easy access. The international goal is upgrading our people in order to enable them to contribute to business development..
HEALTH AND SAFETY We are committed to ensuring a healthy and safe working environment, by further decreasing the number of injuries through prevention and training actions as well as the implementation by new technology and tools. In 2015 we have reduced the number of injuries by 22% against 2012, outperforming by 4 times the objectives set in the 2012-2015 Roadmap.
DONATIONS We provide support to communities through donations in kind, especially food. The objective is to contribute to improving quality of life and protecting the environment.



CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY We continuously monitor the level of consumer satisfaction with the service rendered through the administration of the Feel good? survey, analyses, interviews and tests, with the objective of developing targeted and structured marketing plans based on the survey findings.
THE CONCEPT FACTORY This is how we work; we combine market trend analyses with in-depth knowledge of our customers; the goal is to design innovative concepts that will meet the needs of travelers, landlords and brand partners.
SUSTAINABLE DIET We focus our attention on the promotion of healthy lifestyles through a balanced and quality diet. For this reason, over time, we have developed partnerships such as that with the University of Gastronomic Sciences, in Pollenzo (Italy).
QUALIY AND SAFETY We constantly focus our attention on quality and safety of the supply chain and supplier selection. Our goal is the attainment of high standards for all of our products and services.
For this reason we adopt top notch Management Systems and targeted audit plans. The awarding of internationally renowned certifications is evidence of the success of the adopted management models.
PACKAGING We are constantly focused on packaging innovation projects. In 2013 some products (pizza and crepes plates) were redesigned from a more sustainable standpoint. With the implementation of this project we reduced costs by 9.54%, nearly doubling and anticipating the 2012-2015 Roadmap targets by two years.



CONSUMPTION We are currently working on the development of new management systems, energy saving technologies, collaborations with partners and employee engagement. Our goal in the different countries in which we operate is reducing energy and water consumption.
INVOLVEMENT Our goal is raising employee awareness about environmental sustainability. We are aware that their engagement is strategic for the company and for the environment and, therefore, we promote various initiatives and actions.
MATERIAL MANAGEMENT Waste reduction and a reduction in the materials used also contribute to a more sustainable business. For this reason we develop projects to promote responsible management at the local level.
CERTIFICATIONS Obtaining important environmental certifications is evidence of the attention we pay to the environment. In 2015 we obtained several certifications, including 18 buildings LEED-certified.


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