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We want to take care of our employees so that they can provide valuable services to customers and to the local community.

We are a company of people who create products and services for people: the centrality of the person, passion and communication are the hallmark of all our initiatives.


Paying care and attention to our employees is a distinctive element in our approach to people. 
We are therefore constantly engaged in developing initiatives and services for them, to reconcile business efficiency with the needs and specific characteristics of each of them.

Ascoltare per migliorareEmployee engagement

do you feel good

For the fifth consecutive year, Autogrill decided to administer the “Do You Feel Good engagement survey”. The area analyzed to measure employee engagement were:

  • satisfaction: level of satisfaction that an individual obtains from his/her work within the organization
  • pride: pride and sense of belonging to the organization
  • commitment: level of correspondence between the personal objectives of an individual and the objectives of an organization, represented by the desire and the motivation to remain in the company

In May 2016, the Group launched the Open Line initiative, a European platform opening an additional two –way communication channel for the benefit of the employees and the organization.

The tool is extremely use- friendly and allows individuals to directly report any behavior non-compliant with the company code of ethics or particularly virtuous behaviors, protected by privacy.

In North America, HMSHost provides to all employees a toll-free number available 24/7 to air any concern or problems, in addition to a web-based line to access policies and training activities.

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Welfare aziendale e worklife balanceWelfare and work-life balance

A clear and well-structured social responsibility policy focused on the relations that an organization develops with its employees can benefit its competitive edge.

Prevention Campaigns

Since 2015 Autogrill has been organizing skin melanoma and breast cancer prevention campaigns targeting employees of the Milan offices in collaboration with Lilt. Free to prevent breast and skin cancer.

In 2016, the initiative was extended to the entire network, including a skin health prevention campaign - “Save your skin” - dedicated to employees at the points of sale in Italy, in partnership with ANT ( an Italian non-profit association for social and health care). The “Ambulatorio Mobile – Bus della Prevenzione di Fondazione ANT” (Mobile Outpatient Clinic - the Prevention Bus of the ANT Foundation) stopped in the service stations to provide dermatological visits for the Autogrill Employees, using a video dermatoscope, a state-of-the-art tool for the early diagnosis of skin tumors. 31 visit days were planned for a total of approximately 2,000 employees involved and 700 visits. The initiative will be extended to the entire network in Italy in the coming years. This initiative was also awarded the 2016 Eubiosia Prize by Fondazione ANT Italia ONLUS, as the best project favoring employee participation and engagement.

In France in 2016 the Be Happy Hq campaign was launched, dedicated to employees of the headquarters and including team building activities and revision of the offering with a healthy orientation in the break areas.

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HR DevelopmentHR Development

In the context of people’s development within Autogrill, the investment in employees training, generates a twofold benefit: for the people and for the organization.


Academy is the international training program created to develop employee competencies through the provision of ad hoc training courses based on the employee’s professional level. Inside the Academy word there are different initiatives aimed at ongoing employee training, both trough projects targeted to upgrading technical skills and mixed training and development projects focused on specific needs of the organization. In 2016, a new training process was designed at the European level targeted to the opening of the Group’s primary concepts. The program introduces certified concept coaches, who assisted the new colleagues during their training phase and provided support during the opening phase of the new points of sale. The program also envisages ad hoc on-line training activities focusing on the concept, the service model, customer interaction and recipes.

“Work experience project for youth”

Autogrill  hose to support  professional training for students enrolled in Italian high schools and in June 2016 the Group launched a summer program for approximately 6 weeks. Involving one hundred high school students in Milan and Rome. The Group  was one of the first organizations in the industry to implement such an initiative, envisaged by the Italian Legislative Decree 107/2015. In addition to providing formative opportunities, Autogrill also made donations to the school attended by the participants, thus further enhancing its support to Italian schools and training of younger generations. The students were trained in various activities linked to the operation of a point of sale. They were constantly tutored; they experienced a work environment and interacted with costumers and colleagues. The selected students received the necessary training to work in a point of sale and obtained the 81/08 (Safety at work) and the H.A.C.C.P (Food Safety) certifications. In addition, special training was also provided for those who worked at the airport sale points in compliance with the applicable safety regulations

European Bartender Competition

The European Bartender Competition is a contest organized by Autogrill Group in partnership with Kimbo, with the objective of selecting a European Autogrill Kimbo Espresso Ambassador every year from among the bartenders of its European network. The competition, which came to its third edition in 2016, is a contest to “ the last coffee bean” with a shortlist of candidates participating in the national finals, who compete in the preparation of two classics of the Italian tradition - espresso coffee and cappuccino - and in the development of a creative new coffee beverage. A jury panel of excellence judges the competitors: the experts of SCAE Italia, the Italian Committee of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, the highest European institution for the certification of coffee quality.

The perfect blend

In 2016, Autogrill Group worked Europe-wide to develop the culture of coffee and excellence. The front line of the business unit and all leadership teams in the main European countries were provided an ad hoc training course in recognizing excellent espresso coffee and the various coffee blends. An in-store blended campaign (on-line and in-field) on excellence in coffee, one of Autogrill’s core products, was organized using training videos. The project was developed based on the ideas that had emerged during the bartender bootcamp in 2015.

Manager in Training

In North America the Manager in Training program is currently running dedicated to the new managers, who participate when hired on or promoted. The objective is to provide them with information from different areas, including HR management, IT, safety, cash management and food security, and to develop a team of Heads of Operations.

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DDiversity managementiversity

The multicultural nature of employees is a strength and driver for growth which is also reflected in customers, products, services and consumption models.

We strive to promote an organizational culture that respects differences.

  • In Spain: establishment of the “Plan de Igualdad”, an equal opportunities policy for all employees (e.g. exemption of Muslim staff from work during Ramadan and the possibility, for migrant employees, to have one full month’s holiday to return to their country of birth).
  • In Belgium:  possibility of being away from work for one month (unpaid) in addition to paid holidays, to spend time with the family. Dutch language lessons during work hours: the teacher works with the employee to help them learn the language.
  • In the United States: English language lessons to improve foreign employees’ command of the language. Materials for learning basic English and Spanish, and explanatory kits on healthcare plans and pension systems.

EmpowerSince 2014 the “EmpoWer” program, a targeted mentorship project focused on gender balance issues, has been active in our Group. 13 in-house mentors and 18 mentees participated in the project and worked together with a view to resolving some gender-related issues, promoting new approaches and new competencies within the organization. This project also provided them with the opportunity of extending their leadership and technical and relational skills, with the objective of making mentors become key players in the promotion of the change and mentees more motivated and self-confident women..

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We help no profit associations through money donation, fund raising operations ,food products and material goods normally used in the  management of the points of sale.

Autogrill Italia renewed its commitment to the needy through the donations of food and meals to Banco Alimentare and other association that are very active and present at the national level and  irectly linked to the territory.

Banco Alimentare

In Spain the Group collaborates with International Cooperation in Christmas involving  donations  to support families  in need as part of supporting campaigns to help NGO’S..

In North America HMSHost has been collaborating  for years with Food Donation Connection , developing programs in the stores located at  airports and on highways . Food Donation Connection is a private American company that acts as a bridge between  restaurant and alimentary service  companies willing to donate exceeding food.

Food donation Connection

116 location including airports, service stations  and shopping  malls . In l 2016, 119 associations were able to donate more than 3 million meals (including sandwiches, fruit salads etc).

In The Netherlands HMSHOST  International supports CliniClowns  an association operating in clinical pediatric wards.

In Indonesia the company launched a campaign to partially found an orphanage in Gyangyar on Bali Island.

Autogrill supports “Terra Madre – Salone del Gusto 2016”

As evidence of the Company’s commitment to enhancing local gastronomic, excellence, Autogrill  supported “ Terra Madre- Salone del Gusto 2016”, the international  event dedicated to the food culture. The company managed catering dedicated to the Terra Madre delegates from all over the world. For the purpose Autogrill developed a wide-ranging and varied menu in collaboration with slow food, including typical Italian dishes and ethnic recipes. The various recipes were designed to meet different dietary needs: vegetarians, vegans and those observing dietary restrictions, like celiacs, or diet regimes in correlation to specific intolerances or religious restrictions. In the five days of the exhibition, approximately 60 employees served more than 20.000 meals for a total of over 6.5 tons of  fruits, and vegetables, 2.5 tons of rice and pasta and more than 300 kg of cheese, 800 kg of bread and 200 kg of legumes. At the end of each day, Autogrill donated the excess food - like bread , cheese, vegetables and freshly cut salami - to Banco Alimentare.

HMSHost Foundation

HMSHOT foundation was established in North America as a charity initiative whose mission is to fight poverty in local communities. Through the implementation of solutions developed in collaboration with a number of local agencies and organizations the new foundation is committed to:

  • fighting hunger and promoting a proper diet by means and targeted programs ;
  • promoting economic stability through training and favoring employment;
  • promoting the development of the younger generation through education and training;
  • respecting veterans and their families via programs targeted to understand their needs in terms of food, acceptance, medical requirements , training and employment.

The program runs in approximately 1,000 stores located in airports and on the highways in U.S  and Canada.

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