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We want to take care of our employees so that they can provide valuable services to customers and to the local community.

We are a company of people who create products and services for people: the centrality of the person, passion and communication are the hallmark of all our initiatives.


Paying care and attention to our employees is a distinctive element in our approach to people. 
We are therefore constantly engaged in developing initiatives and services for them, to reconcile business efficiency with the needs and specific characteristics of each of them.

Ascoltare per migliorareListen in order to improve

Employees are our company’s human capital: the collection of skills, competences and professional skills which mark us out.

Initiatives dedicated to listening

  • do you feel goodIn 2015 the survey “Do you Feel good?” continued, a structured questionnaire to analyze 4 areas which define the engagement level of employees.In the same year, a new profile – the EngAgent – was developed in the central offices, nominated by colleagues and among colleagues, one or more than one in each division, with the task of listening, stimulating and collecting ideas, proposals and solutions aimed at improving working conditions and life within the organization.
  • In North America HMSHost provides a free phone line which is available 24/7 to all employees, to discuss any issue that is worrying them, as well as a web-based line to access policies and online training activities
  • In Italy all the employees have access to two email addresses where they can respectively notify problems relating to ethics at work (in accordance with the principles of Social Accountability 8000) and any situations of work-related stress.

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Salute e sicurezzaHealth and safety

  • Fundamental and essential conditions for us are the health and safety of employees, which we focus on through prevention, technological development, training and daily monitoring. Our objective is to guarantee a healthy and safe workplace and we adopt targeted actions and initiatives to increasingly reduce the number of accidents.
  • Health and Safety Committees, composed of worker representatives, management and trade unions, have been established in all the main Countries in which we operate to periodically monitor compliance with the applicable laws. 
  • In 2015 we targeted a reduction in the number of injuries equal to 13% compared to the previous year and equal to 22% compared to 2012 data.

Injuries- Europe:

Type of injuries20152014
Cuts 106 134
Fractures 18 15
Burns 38 50
Collision and contusions 194 233
Distorsions and e sprains 125 150
Other 51 33
TOTAL 532 615
  -13% -3%
Injuries in the course of work
66 203
Injury indicators20152014
Frequency index 26.15 28.94
(n. of injuries x 1,000,000/hours worked) -10% 1%
Severity index  0,61 0,70
(n. of days lost due to injury x 1,000/hours worked) -13% 0%

Perimeter: Belgium, France, Italy and Spain (75% of the Total of Workers in Europe)

  • Autogrill Group’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the health and safety of all its employees is based on prevention, technology, training and daily monitoring. For this reason the Group has established specific Health and Safety Committees in all the countries in which it operates (based on the relevant policies), composed of worker representatives, management and trade unions, to periodically monitor compliance with theapplicable laws.
  • In Italy, the HSE Committee (Health, Safety and Environment) meets twice a year to periodically monitor accident trends, health surveillance and workrelated illnesses, analyze the relevant causes and severity levels and evaluate the correlated risks. A great deal of attention is also dedicated to the monitoring of specific indicators indirectly correlated to the number of injuries. This, in fact, contributes to providing a preventive overview of events (like, for instance, information relative to structures, training, etc.).
  • In North America the Policy for Health, Safety and Risk Management provides all employees with principles to be observed for their own safety in the workplace. In addition to this are the “Safety Teams” which are specifically set up at the level of the individual point of sale and whose task it is to map, through audits, the most frequent causes of the accidents recorded and to suggest the adoption of equipment, personal protection devices, updates to existing procedures or the development of training programs.
  • In France we work with the Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie des Travailleurs Salariés (CNAM–TS) as part of the Ergos project which was created to identify accidents, analyze them and reduce their number. It is based on listening to employees and is supported by a network of managers in each location who organize consultations with employees.
  • Also in the International operating sector, several training activities dedicated to safety were implemented, along with specific procedures aimed at preventing any type of risk. Last but not least, Safety and Emergency Response campaigns were implemented at Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

Welfare aziendale e worklife balanceWelfare and work-life balance

In order to strike a balance between employees’ private lives and work, our commitment takes the form of numerous welfare and work life balance initiatives launched in various environments to improve the quality of people’s lives.

  • In Italy
    • In July 2015 Autogrill stipulated an agreement with the trade unions - Filcams Cgil, Fisascat Cisl and Uiltucs UIL and, subsequently, also with UGL Terziario – on the new Supplementary Company Employment Contract. The agreement introduces important new aspects:
      • welfare: a shopping bag with a value of euro 100 with products of general use to be distributed to all workers and a fuel voucher worth euro 5-10 on a monthly basis, granted to workers operating in the points of sale located on the highway.
      • work/life balance, the agreement aims to support parenting, giving workers the possibility of enjoying a period of optional furlough from work calculated on a hourly basis.
    • possibility to opt for a part-time contract up to the 36th month following giving birth for head office staff.buon per me
  • at the head office the “Buon per me” project is in place which envisages meetings with experts, an online contacts list and the consultancy of a nutritionist directly at work at discounted rates
  • Since 2015 Autogrill has been organizing prevention campaigns targeting employees of the Milan offices in collaboration with Lilt. Free prevention checkups are provided to all employees for early diagnosis of skin melanoma and breast cancer directly in the infirmary of the Milan central offices.
  • In the United States
    • possibility of working from home on the basis of need and specific projects
    • gym and showers for employees at the head office
  • Numerous initiatives are also provided by HMSHost International. These include the possibility of working from home for the managers of a few airports in the North of Europe (e.g. Helsinki), free checkups or discounts on health insurance policies.
  • In Indonesia, partnerships with local hospitals were started to provide health coverage.
  • In India,in addition to the mandatory annual checkups, training sessions on insurance products linked to health and safety were organized at the Hyderabad airport.

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DDiversity managementiversity management

The multicultural nature of employees is a strength and driver for growth which is also reflected in customers, products, services and consumption models.

We strive to promote an organizational culture that respects differences.

  • In Spain: establishment of the “Plan de Igualdad”, an equal opportunities policy for all employees (e.g. exemption of Muslim staff from work during Ramadan and the possibility, for migrant employees, to have one full month’s holiday to return to their country of birth).
  • In Belgium:  possibility of being away from work for one month (unpaid) in addition to paid holidays, to spend time with the family. Dutch language lessons during work hours: the teacher works with the employee to help them learn the language.
  • In the United States: English language lessons to improve foreign employees’ command of the language. Materials for learning basic English and Spanish, and explanatory kits on healthcare plans and pension systems.

EmpowerSince 2014 the “EmpoWer” program, a targeted mentorship project focused on gender balance issues, has been active in our Group. 13 in-house mentors and 18 mentees participated in the project and worked together with a view to resolving some gender-related issues, promoting new approaches and new competencies within the organization. This project also provided them with the opportunity of extending their leadership and technical and relational skills, with the objective of making mentors become key players in the promotion of the change and mentees more motivated and self-confident women..

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Local community

Our support for non-profit associations takes the form of cash donations, fund-raising, food produce and other goods used regularly at our points of sale.

In 2015 we signed a collaboration agreement with FAO to reduce food waste and food losses and promote the marketing of products from small-scale producers in developing countries. Based on this three-year agreement,This collaboration is part of the Save Food Global Initiative, a project promoted by FAO to involve the largest number of players in common strategies aimed at reducing excesses and waste along the food chain.

In North America we established a new charity initiative: the HMSHost Foundation, whose mission is to fight poverty in local communities. In collaboration with a number of local agencies and organizations the new Foundation is committed to:

  • fighting hunger and promoting a proper diet by means of targeted programs
  • promoting economic stability through training and favoring employment
  • promoting the development of the younger generations through education and training
  • respecting veterans and their families via programs targeted to understanding their needs in terms of food, acceptance, medical requirements, training and employment.

During the HMSHost Foundation inauguration event a total of USD 250,000 were raised in favor of the cause.

In Italy we renewed our commitment to the needy through the donation of food products, mainly donated to associations like Fondazione Banco Alimentare and other groups that are very active and present at the national level.

Banco Alimentare

In Spain, we collaborate  with International Cooperatation in Christmas, involving workers in making donations to support the needy in addition to promoting campaigns for the collection of food to be destined to NGOs.

In North America, through HMSHost, we collaborate with Food Donation Connection, a private US company that acts as a bridge between restaurants and food service companies willing to donate excess food and local associations operating in the social assistance sector, which distribute the food to the needy. In 2015, 116 associations re-distributed approximately 3,5 million meals.

Food donation Connection

In Europe the employee satisfaction survey “Do you Feel good?” has given us the opportunity to help WWF, for another year, supporting the "Oasis" project: for each completed questionnaire we donated one euro to the association. 

Do you feel good?

In Italy, for the third consecutive year, we work with the Italian Red Cross and Coca Cola, to support the homeless, through the realization of the “Menù Perfetto” – Xmas Edition, part of the proceeds from which go to charity.

Menu perfetto

In 2015 we were one of the promoters of “Terra madre giovani: we feed the planet”, the event organized in Milan by Slow Food and Slow Food Youth Network on the future of food and nutrition. Thanks to our contribution, some of the Small Scale Producers of the Southern hemisphere could gather together with the over 2,500 under-40 young delegates coming from all over the world to share their experience and discuss topics relating to agriculture and food distribution and consumption.

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