Privileged Information

In 2006 Autogrill adopted a privileged information market communication procedure

This procedure regulates internal management and outgoing communication of privileged information, thus guaranteeing information equality for all investors.

The Company also applies a Code of Conduct regulating information obligations related to operations on financial instruments carried out by people, mainly in company functions, who, based on their role, have access to important information.


“Privileged information” is all information of a specific nature related to Autogrill, a Subsidiary or to Autogrill shares, or to financial instruments issued by Autogrill or by a Subsidiary not yet made public and which, if made public, could considerably influence the share price.

As soon as it reaches a certain level of certainty, privileged information is communicated to the market by the Company in a timely manner, to give all investors information equality.

DestinatariAddressees and field of application

This procedure applies to all those with access to privileged information.

Autogrill has set up a Register of Addressees with the names of those who, through activities or functions carried out, have access to privileged information.

The Corporate Affairs Department, on input from the Chief Executive Officer, will be responsible for registering parties in the Addressees Register.

The following are procedure addressees:

  • directors
  • auditors
  • employees
  • consultants
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